Bolschevism of the international eccentricies in architecture

In 1931 The Irish Builder and Engineer published 2-pages long article about Sir Reginald Bloomfield’s views on modern architecture. (4.3.1) Sir Reginald (1856-1942) was a British Victorian and Edwardian periods architect renowned for his grand architectural schemes in England and Europe. Needless to say that his descriptions of the contemporary modern architecture as ‘vulgar, eccentric or mere architectural stunt’ made him somewhat critical of the movement that was gaining popularity in the continent.



The editors of The Irish Builder and Engineer fully agree with his views adding to array of insults that the modern architecture is misusing, or even worse – abandoning, the most ‘sacred’ architectural Orders!
In line with the omnipresent policy of economical, and as a result – cultural isolationism the modern architecture is accused of being cosmopolitical.


Better learn your Dorics and Ionics, or else the architectural Bolschevists are here to get you.


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